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Reverse valve body

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Please specify if you have a 47RH or 48RE when ordering. This transmission and full manual reverse pattern valve body were working flawlessly. · The tranny in my 65 has a A&A forward manual valve body. Sun Shell- A broken sun shell will cause the 4L60E to lose reverse. Fits 1970up C4 and C5 transmissions.

Transbrake Valve Bodies. Does anyone offer a reasonably priced MVB for a 4r70w? · Valves binding from an overheated transmission, a failed valve body gasket, clogged hydraulic passage or leaking shift solenoids will keep your car from going into reverse.

The valve body of the transmission, or control valve, is the central nerve system that tells the transmission what to do, at what time. PRN123 Stays in the gear you select and will not auto shift. · 2) Using a reverse manual or trans brake valve-body that does not apply the low/reverse band in first gear. 00 Add to cart; C6 Full Manual Valve Body Forward Pattern $ 275.

TCI Competition Manual Valve Bodies for maximum performance and quick elapsed times in racing applications. Recently, the modern automatic transmission valve body has sensors to monitor the speed, brake pedal position, throttle position and engine load to perform a soft and firm gear shift. It will not correct a malfunctioning or slipping transmission. Our full manual valve bodies can be used in 47RH/RE or 48RE transmissions.

Reverse Manual Valve Body. Find TCI Full Manual Valve Bodies and get Free Shipping on Orders Over at Summit Racing! The innovative TCI® engine braking system not only improves deceleration, it also aides the braking system of the vehicle. More What Is A Reverse Manual Valve Body videos.

Engineered to allow full manual control of the valve body, for quicker shift timing and higher what is a reverse manual valve body line pressures. Governor and vacuum modulator components not required. .

Live and learn, I guess. Low/reverse band is applied in 1st gear for engine braking. This will convert your stock valve body to a Full Manual Shift, Normal Pattern. I like the control factor, its like having a stick shift with no clutch. ive shifted at 7400 with my last set up.

The valve body location. Higher line pressure makes it more difficult for clutches to slip under high loads. The competition valve body was designed for maximum performance and quick elapsed times in racing applications. What is a valve body in transmission? . Hey Im looking for a manual valve body for my 4r70w. You get less clutch slippage under high load, so that more power gets to the ground.

No electronics needed, but you can keep the lock up converter if you choose too. See more results. The automatic transmission valve body controls the shifting of the transmission. · Valve Body Issues- A bad valve body can make the reverse gear not work in the 4L60E. i can shift my stock valve body at any RPM i want to. · "Reverse manual valve body really is not a good choice for the street. I have the valve body and the kick down.

The reverse pattern has 1st where drive normally is, 2nd is where it always is and 3rd is where 1st usually is. Choose from standard or reverse shift pattern manual valve bodies. " I drove the car for about 7 months manually. STEP 14: Next install your BTE manual valve body. Ford C-4 Full Manual Reverse Shift Valve Body Shift Pattern: PRN10 Kit Contains: 1-Manual Valve Body 1-Intermediate Servo Gasket 1-1/8”x 27 Pipe Plug 1-3/8” Check Ball NOTE: This kit is not intended for installation in a transmission in poor general condition. A&A said to pull the tail shaft to be sure first. only engine-brakes in third, and when you let off the gas in 1 or 2 it coasts.

By controlling the valve body only through manual means, quicker shift timing and the ability to run higher line pressures than possible with an automatic shift transmission are achieved. By controlling the valve body only through manual means we can produce quicker shift timing and are able to run higher line pressures than possible with an automatic shift transmission. This transmission is for Mopars with 500 and up horse power driven on the street and or strip. Diagnosing and repairing valve body problems is best left to an automotive transmission specialist. IMO I would not recommend a full manual valve body for a street vehicle. You can view our catalog online or request a printed copy.

· I run a turbo 400 with a reverse manual valve body on the street and love it. Welcome to Curt&39;s Corner, brought to you by Monster Transmission! If you want to soften the shifts for street use, hook the vacuum line up to the modulator. reverse valve body is PRN1234 standard is PRN4321.

It is a full manual valve body forward pattern. there are modification that you do to the valve body valves to make it a manual tranny. In this video Curt goes over the difference. This is very important, and I blame the majority of transmission explosions on valve bodies that are not applying the low/reverse band in first.

if you by mistake start out in Second Gear and break loose tires you will risk damage to sprages. Each RevMax valve body has a predetermined protocol that is followed for each valve body type. A forward or reverse manual valve body can be used in a street vehicle for quick tire chirping shifts, full control over when the shifts take place and to make driving your high performance street car even more enjoyable. a manual valve body is not any stronger then a stock one. 17875XA: CHEETAH XtremeAction Pro Street and Race Manual (PRN321) The 17875XA has a safe clean neutral and no need to use a button to backup. C4 Pro Tree Transbrake Valve Body $ 550. manual valve body means it a manual tranny that you must shift by hand, nolonger will it shift automaticly. 5-1 572, HP innovations 1150, 1.

They&39;re a great. C4 Reverse Pattern Manual Valve Body w/brake This is a reverse pattern full manual valve body with engine braking in 1st gear. It shifts nice and hard, and quick. Good for use in trucks or any application in which extra sprag protection is required. The detent lever moves the manual valve when you manually shift the vehicle. View our Catalog. Like you, don&39;t know if the governor has been removed. TH400 Full Manual Valvebody, Reverse Pattern Get maximum performance and quicker ETs with this full manual valve body.

The OEM manual valve is used with this valve body kit. Make sure that the o-ring is in place to prevent leaks. Connected to the gear stick handle, it instructs the right passage for hydraulic fluid to pass through.

Features Reverse shift pattern. With Performance Automatic&39;s full manual reverse pattern valve body, you are in total control. Product Description CRT-22X Reverse manual valve body 155+psi with low band apply for race cars and high powered street cars. They&39;re engineered to allow full manual control of the valve body, for quicker shift timing and higher line pressures. Do I have manual valve body?

Designed with competition in mind, this valve body has completely re-engineered fluid circuits which provide the best shifts possible. It contains springs, valves, and many fluid passages that are critical to the proper operation of the transmission. The reverse refers to the shift gate positioning of the selector positions, this allows for a safe way to shift from 1st, thru 3rd w/o over shooting and. This is TCI&39;s competition valve body 121700 for Chrysler 727/A-904 transmissions and is aluminum.

Automatic Transmission Reverse Manual Valve Body and Forward Pattern Valve Bodies. · A manual reverse valve body is as it states, a valve body that has been modified to allow the driver to select gears manually and will not work as originally designed (automatic shift). Our full manual valve body always starts life as a 47RE Core. I know PA transmissions offers one but it comes with a trans brake. I run a reverse what is a reverse manual valve body pattern full manual in my th400 on the street and love it. my th350 is a competition trans but the valve body is just a factory one.

This valve body was very recently removed from a TCI Drag Race/Competition 727 TorqueFlight Transmission and was replaced with a new TCI Transbrake Valve Body. If you want the best of both worlds what is a reverse manual valve body use a manual/auto valve body; you can put it in D or shift manually if you choose to. · The most important part of the valve body is the manual valve. It will run full line pressure all the time plus be a pain in the rear to have to constantly shift it. Our competition valve body for maximum performance and quick elapsed times in a racing application.

-Ask the manufacturer of your valve body if it has the low bandy apply feature. Transbrake Valve Body The ultimate valve body for competition, will allow you to bring the engine to maximum stall without the slightest creep or wheel movement. Booster Valve- A bad booster valve can leave you without reverse in a hurry. The governor was ruined so the tranny wasn&39;t shifting. 00 Read more; C4 Reverse Pattern Full Manual Valve Body Kit $ 240.

Comes with a free freshen up. New 17899XA TranzBrake Valve Body also available. To counter this ongoing dilemma, engineers at TCI® have designed a Full Manual Reverse Shift Pattern Valve Body with an engine braking function for GM Turbo 400 transmissions. Quicker shift timing is produced only by controlling the valve body through manual means (you&39;re able to run higher line pressures than with an automatic shift transmission).

Before you begin installation, allow transmission to cool. the idea is that you can&39;t accidentally shift into neutral with the reverse pattern. I run TCI&39;s version in a reverse pattern, with a hurst pistol grip quarter stick. The manual valve has an opening that the detent will fit into. The Hughes transbrake valve body kits are complete and ready to install in your competition transmission.

Instructions read: RACE TRACK ONLY: Remove the vacuum modulator and what is a reverse manual valve body install the modulator plug. A manual valve body gives the driver full control over when the transmission changes gears. 00 Add to cart; C4 Protree Transbrake Valve Body Kit $ 410. You must line up the manual valve with the detent lever of your transmission. By definition, manual valves are those valves that operate through a manual operator (such as a handwheel or handlever), which are primarily used to stop and start flow (block or on off valves), although some designs can be used for basic throttling.

· Because the valve body is responsible for determining when to be in drive or reverse as well, it is connected to the shifter in the vehicle. Provides full manual control only. This protocol insures that the customer gets the highest quality product each and every time. Includes: CRTs 22X Reverse manual valve body with low band apply, Alto Red Eagle racing clutches, Kolene steels, Thicker band strut, Red lined bands, Teflon rings, Rear billet servo, neutral switch,. All our manual shift valve bodies are built in house. Full Manual Series.

What is a reverse manual valve body

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