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SALE DATE: Thursday, December 12th at 11:00 am. Delivery Worldwide £4. The worm is rotated by the handle and is locked to the dividing plate by means of a pin. Of course the only numbers that can be divided by are numbers that divide into the number of holes on the indexing plate. Cincinnatti Universal Dividing Heads Manual. · Dividing Head Wide Range Divider Milling Ca-s Backlash Eliminator Accessories and Attachments PBge 8 9 1O ll-l2 lf+rJChanging Gears fro- High to Low Series of Feed Range. This input can be used to rotate the dividing plate.

In this can the holes are drilled just less than halfway through. It also covers the wide range divider, which enables you to obtain divisions from 2 up to 400,000. The Cincinnati manual contains information on how to properly lubricate and install the dividing head.

The Cincinnati manual contains information on h. 5 inch sized page - Code: 1941, M-1016 - Moisture marking & peel to pages near top of spine, musty, pages turn freely, contents fine to read. They are 5, 3, 3, 2, 2, 2.

Including Kent & Heald Grinders, Cincinnati Centerless Grinder, Cutmaster Engine Lathe, Bridgeports, Air. What is a dividing head? Only the rings of holes on one side can be used at any one time. See more results. No problem having it shipped from the UK and it has been very useful. - Number of Pages: 119 This is a reproduction, not a photocopy, of an original Cincinnati 8″-10″-12″-14″ Universal Dividing Heads Operator’s Instruction Manual.

- Complete Manual Machine Tool Shop. I&39;ve got a BS-0 (too small) and this one is bigger than what I wanted, but I couldn&39;t turn it down. INSPECTION : Wednesday, December 11th, Day Prior From 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM The workpiece is free to rotate except where the indexing pin locks with the indexing plate. CUD 5P-457 Cincinnati Universal Dividing Head Ref. If one of the rings on the other side is needed the dividing plate has to be taken off, turn round and screwed back on.

These can be disengaged. Just picked up this beautiful Cincinnati dividing head. org-Ines FischerSubject: Cincinnati Dividing Head Manual Keywords: cincinnati,dividing,head,manual Created Date: 7:23:05 PM. Cincinatti Universal Dividing Heads Manual - eBay (itemend time Aug:17:41 PDT) I found a 12" Cincy dividing head last year and ended up buying the CD above. For example, if your table rotates 6 degrees for every turn on the crank handle, the ratio is 360/6 = 60. But there are many times when this is useful.

When work has to be carried at each end, as in fluting taps, reamers, drills, cutters, etc. One space is equivalent to 20 minutes of one degree. 000025") of an inch. Equipment Brochure - The Cincinnati Milling Machine Co. The ratio below describes how many turns of the handle makes the table rotate one full revolution. The holes for indexing are those that can be seen on this side of the wormwheel.

The same remark applies to feeds, to be considered in another article. Cincinnati 10″-12″-14″ Universal Dividing Heads, Accessories, and Indexing Attachments Service & Parts Manual $ 50. The reader might have noticed that dividing heads seldom use degrees. Cincinnati Milling Machine Manual Here are the new Cincinnati Milling Machine Co.

Cincinnati Dividing Head With Gears & Tailstock For Spiral Milling. With a small dividing head with only one handle, if there is more than one ring that contains the required factors it is best to choose the larger ring. This worm rotates the wormwheel etc. the Dividing Head parts. The most common way that a dividing head is used is with dividing plates.

Cincinnati Universal Dividing Heads Manual. Using this ring gives 40 x 18 as the number of spaces in a whole circle, that is, 720. This is the second of 10 videos on the dividing (indexing) head and gear cutting. Of course, it is possible to divide by numbers way beyond fifty but not numbers whose factors include one or more primes larger than the ring with the largest number of holes that are prime. 00: Dividing Heads - YUASA - Dividing Heads : Products > Miling This Dividing Head is Available in Semi-Universal and Universal.

Additional Cost& Weight to Ship via Common Carrier: Rough Crate: . By request of several of my viewers, I will show how to take apart and put back together a Brown and Sharpe Dividing Head. This means one degree is equivalent to three spaces on the 18 hole ring. A more complex type of dividing head, which is sometimes referred to as being universal, has an auxiliary input at the back.

Did someone of favor and got it for a small fraction of its&39; cost/worth. The advantage of this is that it is much quicker than having to rotate the spindle using cincinnati dividing head manual the worm and worm wheel. It has holes spaced round it and a pin mechanism to lock the spindle on any one of these holes. Of especial importance is the indexing test illustrated in Figure 9. On a small dividing head there might two or three dividing plates. This form of indexing does not have to use the worm and worm wheel. We have the Operator&39;s Instruction Manual for these Dividing Heads here: Cincinnati 8"-10"-12"-14. Service Manuals 1-4 Dial Type Milling Machines - Service and Parts Manual: 90: MacDonald, Keith: : unknown: Instruction Guides: Tray-Top Model LE Engine, Toolroom, and Gap Bed Lathes: 88: Black, cincinnati dividing head manual Dennis: : 1966: Service Manuals: Cincinnati Universal Dividing Head and Accessories Parts List: 54: Black, Dennis:.

and the difference between the manual and divid-ing head leaves you in doubt, check our website for the latest manual update or call technical sup-port for help. The dividing or indexing head is used on plain milling machines as on universals, but the change gears for spiral work only upon the latter. Manufacturer: Cincinnati Cincinnati Cintimill 12″ Dividing Head Comes with adjustable tailstock, gear shaft, misc gears, 8″ 4 jaw chuck, & 50 taper center. The numbers selected in the rings of holes will be arranged so the division by any number up to 50 is possible. A dividing plate is covered with concentric rings of holes. In differential indexing the dividing plate is not locked. What is universal indexing and dividing head?

Mount a test indicator into the mill spindle with the indicator tip touching the front face of the dividing head, as shown in figure 6. Detailed 108-page Operator&39;s Instruction Book. The manual covers adjustments, and contains a complete set of cross-sectional view diagrams of all the parts with descriptions for these Cincinnati dividing heads and accessories. But doing that feeds through to the auxiliary input which, in turn, rotates the dividing plate.

· T & W Tool & Machine Inc. These are: We have to remember that one turn of the handle turns the worm by 1/40 of a circle. ORIGINAL VICTORIA 3"1/2 UNIVERSAL DIVIDING HEAD MANUAL IN GOOD CONDITION. This enables us to divide by numbers we could not do using just the dividing plates.

Print code: MC135D. Cincinnati Universal Dividing Heads 8, 10, inch. 00: Leitz Leica Optical dividing head ,000. · I have a set for a Cincinnati dividing head and the housing that the change gears mount in for table drive of the dividing head; I&39;d like to sell them, as they do not fit my Brown & Sharpe --- which I do have all the gearing for, including the short lead attachment. 00 Add to cart CINCINNATI 16″ 20″ 24″ 28″ 32″ 36″ Metal Shapers Operator’s Manual. If we turn the handle from one hole on the dividing plate to another the workpiece turns. It is also possible to have the worm and wormwheel engaged and to turn it using the handle and then to lock the spindle using the indexing plate.

. manuals that we recently added: Cincinnati 8″-10″-12″-14″ Universal Dividing Heads Operator’s Instruction Manual Cincinnati 10″-12″-14″ Universal Dividing Heads, Accessories, and Indexing Attachments Service & Parts Manual. For the sake of completeness some mention will be made here of compound indexing. 12" Cincinnati Universal Dividing Head Serial No. All of these factors have to be in the product (multiplication) of 40 and the cincinnati dividing head manual number of spaces in the ring. In the above example the 18 ring was chosen for having the factors required.

- Number of Pages: 39 This is a reproduction, not a photocopy, of an original Cincinnati 10″-12″-14″ Universal Dividing Heads and Accessories, Indexing Attachments Service & Parts Manual. If the auxiliary shaft rotates it rotates. It cleaned up nicely. Cincinnati dividing heads use one dividing plate with rings of holes on both sides. This manual gives specifications of each type of Cincinnati dividing head in detail. For your convenience, we post all available manu-als and manual updates for free on our website at www. But the 27 ring also has the required factors and would, therefore, be easier to use. See full list on johnfsworkshop.

This manual contains operating instructions and formulas for calculating angles. A dividing head mounted on the table of a small milling machine the direct Kempsmith universal dividing head 10 1/2 13 1/4 instructions parts manual ozark INSTRUCTIONS. This is fixed to the spindle. (Milacron) - Cincinnati, OH. Together these will cover rings of holes up to about 50 holes.

In this method of indexing we cannot rotate the workpiece from the leadscrew. 5C HARDINGE Dividing Head, S/N-967, Used : 0: 00560: 10" KEARNEY & TRECKER Universal Dividing Head, Used : ,250: 04789: BRIDGEPORT Tailstock for Rotary Table, Used : Call: 05238: 7"x 10" Manual Hand Tilt Table, Used 0: 05239: 10"x 15" Manual Hand Tilt Table, Used 0: Milling Attahcments (Return to Top) 02722. Cincinnati 10"-12"-14" Dividing Heads Brochure Manufacturer: Cincinnati Milling Machine Co. It is easier to turn the handle. Usually the dividing plate is locked in position. But if it is necessary it can be done. . Delivery to EU £3.

Any updates to your model of dividing head will be reflected in. The Cincinnati manual contains information on how to properly lubricate an. Alternatively they can have rings of holes on both sides. The dividing plate is on a shaft that contains the shaft with the worm on it. I&39;m hoping that someone has a Cincinnati. This is seen in figs. Each CINCINNATI Dividing Head receives this test.

Cincinnati 10″-12″-14″ Universal Dividing Head Indexing Service Part Manual 1160. By means of a microscope with micrometer adjustment, the indexing errors can be read to within one-fortieth thousandth (. It is necessary that both of the rings being used are on the same plate. In differential indexing the main shaft of the dividing head is connected via a gear train to the auxiliary input. 3 and 5, render this distinction clear. This manual does cover the different driving mechanism as well. Since there are 360º cincinnati dividing head manual in a circle, one degree is simply a whole circle divided by 360.

- Dividing Heads and Accessories - Fact Sheet / Specification Summary - English language - 3 Colour - 12 pages - approx.

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