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CIRCUIT DIAGRAM: 15V 1 Connect the circuit as shown in the fig 2. The "trick" in designing. The device is turned ON by applying positive voltage greater than threshold between gate and emitter. Scope of Learning • Study of the characteristics of IGBT Optional : Simtel Power Electronics Simulation Software Features • Built in Power Supply. the characteristics of IGBT.

EE6611 -POWER ELECTRONICS AND DRIVES LABORATORY LIST OF EXPERIMENTS: 1. Power Electronics Lab manual SSIT Tabular Column:- (A) VDC VOth = VOCRO = R1 C1 L C TONth = Tth = 2. Transfer Characteristics (versus) Identical to that of MOSFET. IGBT has PMOSFET like input characteristics and Power BJT like output characteristics and hence its symbol is also an amalgamation of the symbols of the two parent devices. The characteristics of igbt lab manual transfer characteristics characteristics of igbt lab manual of IGBT and MOSFET are similar.

voltage section to accelerate and maintain turn-off. This concept will be emphasized throughout this lab. IGBT based single phase PWM. It can be operated as an amplifier or as a switch. The V-I characteristic of an IGBT shows the plot of collector current I C versus collector emitter voltage V CE for various values of gate emitter voltage. No Volts 1 TONCRO TCRO TON CRO ∧ Φ H Φ ∠ LC RC.

TRIAC Characteristics 9 3. Upper switches are gated with signals obtained by comparing three reference sine waves each are phase shifted with 1200 with a high frequency triangular carrier wave. If the supply voltage is increased from zero, a point reached (point A) when the SCR starts conducting. AC to DC fully controlled Converter 6. Power Electronics Lab TABLE OF CONTENTS Experiment Particulars Page 1 Static characteristics of SCR or DIAC. SCR Characteristics 3 2. Set VDS = 10V by varying V1.

EXPERIMENT 3: CHARACTERISTICS OF FIELD EFFECT TRANSISTOR AIM: To obtain the Drain and Transfer (V-I) characteristics of FET and to plot the characteristics. The static characteristics or output characteristics of IGBT shows plot of collector current IC vs collector –emitter voltage VCE for various values of gate emitter voltage. The IGBT is in the Off-state if the gate-emitter potential(VGE) is below the threshold voltage(VGE(threshold)). IGBT: IGBT is a three terminal semi-conductor device.

Also, if the circuit is wired improperly, it may cause the module to malfunction. 303 Duty cycle TON R1 C1 L C Sl. Scientech 2701 is a platform which is very useful for Students to understand the VI characteristics of IGBT. IGBT is a voltage controlled semiconductor which enables large collector emitter currents with almost zero gate current drive. 22: IGBT bias circuit.

To obtain transfer characteristics and output characteristic of MOSFET & IGBT. Power Electronics Lab manual SSIT - 1 - CONTENTS Experiment No Page. Characteristics of MOSFET and IGBT 4. Gate triggering circuits for SCR Using R, RC, UJT. No Volts K= VO = ⋅ VDC ∧ Φ H Φ ∠ LC RC.

Therefore, the surf- will ace structure has changed from the planar structure, in which the IGBT cells are made planarly on the. Power Electronics ( EL-324 ) LABORATORY MANUAL Fall LAB. POWER ELECTRONICS LAB, EED 2 MUFFAKHAM JAH COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY ELECTRICAL ENGG. NEE-551: POWER ELECTRONICS LAB L T P 0 0 3 Note: Minimum of nine experiments from the following: 1. The three terminals of IGBT are Gate, Collector and Emitter.

IGBT:IGBT is a new development in the area of Power MOSFET Technology. 1 Study of Characteristics of SCR. APPARATUS REQUIRED: MOSFET module, Multimeters, patch chords. Static characteristics of MOSFET and IGBT. pdf - EE-446L &92;u Power Electronics Laboratory Manual LAB-2 Name ID Date Experiment 2 Static V-I Characteristics of MOSFET IGBT(CLO 1 PLO 1. The IGBT is a voltage controlled device so here the controlling parameter is gate emitter voltage V GE.

View Lab Report - Lab+05+Characteristics+of+IGBT from EE EL324 at National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Islamabad. Static characteristics of SCR and DIAC. The more the IGBT cells are provided, the lower state voltage the on be. Gate Pulse Generation using R, RC and UJT. 2 Introduction The parameters listed in the datasheet are values that describe the characteristics of the module as detailed as possible. 1, OABC is the forward characteristics of SCR at I G =0. The IGBT element consists of many arranged structures called cells. EEMSD LAB (EC-317-F) LAB MANUAL (III SEM ECS) Page2 LIST OF EXPERIMENTS S.

Controlled HWR and FWR using RC triggering circuit 4. IGBT is a voltage controlled semiconductor which enables large collector emitter currents with almost zero gate current drive. This device combines into it&39;s the advantages of both MOSFET and BJT.

To Study the characteristics of igbt transistor in Common Base configuration. IGBT based three phase PWM inverter 9. STATIC CHARACTERISTICS OF IGBT. • The structure of IGBT shows that there is a PNPN structure between the collector and the emitter. The designers of the IGBT think that it is a voltage controlled bipolar device with CMOS input and bipolar output. The Switching Characteristics of IGBT is explained in this post.

The three terminals are base (B) or gate (G), collector (C) & emitter (E). Step down and step up MOSFET based choppers 7. DEPARTMENT LIST OF EXPERIMENT Power Electronics Lab. APPARATUS REQUIRED: S. To study UJT trigger circuit for half wave and full wave control. No Equipment Range Type Quantity 1 SCR characteristics Trainer 2 Patch chords 3 DC Voltmeter 4 DC Ammeter 1. EE6611 - POWER ELECTRONICS AND DRIVES LABORATORY LIST OF EXPERIMENTS: 1. Static V-I characteristics (I C versus.

cathode, the curve between V and I is called the forward characteristics. 3 shows the input-output characteristics of a typical op amp. 1 SCR CHARACTERISTICS 1. IGBT is also known as metal oxide insulated gate transistor (MOSIGT). Many designers view IGBT as a device with MOS input characteristics and bipolar output characteristic that is a voltage-controlled bipolar device.

IGBT characteristics is a power electronics experiment board to study and understand the vi characteristics of IGBT provided with in built power supply : bz :. AC- voltage controller by using TRIAC-DIAC combination. Study of V-I Characteristics of a Diode. The figure below shows the symbol of IGBT. of Practical Hrs: 42 Exam Marks: 50 1. RC Triggering Circuit – HWR & FWR 19 6. It contains the advantages of both MOSFET and BJT.

7-15 3 Controlled HWR & FWR using RC Triggering circuit. You will conduct two (2) experiments to observe IGBT and power MOSFET characteristics. IGBT based single phase PWM inverter 8. SCR turn-off circuits using (i) LC circuit (ii) Auxiliary Commutation. log10 T T Let I O = 100 mA I.

LABORATORY 10 LAB 2 MOSFET and IGBT Characteristics and Measurement You will learn IGBT and power MOSFET structures and characteristics. To study single-phase half wave controlled rectified with (i) resistive. C (0 – 5V) (0 – 100V) One from each 4 Ammeter D. STUDY OF CHARACTERISTICS OF SCR, MOSFET & IGBT 1. 1-6 2 Static characteristics of MOSFET & IGBT.

For gate voltages greater than the threshold voltage, the transfer curve is linear. To study V-I characteristics of SCR and measure latching and holding currents. 2701 is provided with in built power supply and exhaustive learning material. It is similar to the shape of the output characteristic of BJT, in forward direction. It consists of three terminals with a vast range of bipolar current carrying capacity. As discussed, IGBT has the advantages of both MOSFET and BJTs, IGBT has insulated gate same as like typical MOSFETs and same output transfer characteristics.

Make some research on IGBT and MOSFET. When anode is positive w. -22 5 UJT firing circuit for HWR & FWR. IGBT is a bipolar device Contd. NAME OF THE EXPERIMENT Page No. Power Electronics Lab Manual VII Sem EC POWER ELECTRONICS LAB SUB CODE: 06ECL77 1. The term IGBT is a semiconductor device and the acronym of the IGBT is insulated gate bipolar transistor.

4 CIRCUIT DIAGRAM: Fig – 1. 2 AIM: To plot the V - I Characteristics of SCR, MOSFET & IGBT. So an IGBT has high input impedance like a MOSFET and low-on-state power loss in a BJT.

The Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) is a minority-carrier device with high input impedance and large bipolar current-carrying capability. IGBT Characteristics 17 5. When the differential input voltage (V+ - V-) is in the range where the slope = Ao, the output vo is equal to AO (V+ - V-); otherwise the output is saturated at ± Vsat.

NAME OF THE EQUIPMENT TYPE RANGE QUANTITY (NO. AC to DC half controlled converter 5. Parallel. AC Voltage controller 10.

For more information on how to design the best drive circuits, refer to Chapter 7 characteristics of igbt lab manual of this manual. The Institute The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur was established in May 1950 and started its academic programme in August 1951. To make use of the advantages of both Power. Remember that the characteristics of the IGBT change in accordance with the conditions of the circuit. CE) Same as in BJT except control is by. Important Points About The V-I Characteristics of SCR Forward Characteristics. UJT Triggering of SCR 23 7. Characteristics of SCR and Triac 3.

S) 1 FET BFW10/11 1 characteristics of igbt lab manual 2 Resistor 1 kΩ 2 3 Voltmeter D. MOSFET Characteristics 15 4. POWER ELECTRONICS LAB Subject Code: 10ECL78 IA Marks: 25 No. Therefore IGBT is a voltage controlled device. • Latch up STEADY STATE CHARACTERISTICS • Two static characteristics of an IGBT: (1) The output characteristics (2) The transfer characteristics. C (0 – 50mA) 1.

Single Phase Step down Cycloconverter with R and RL loads. requiring an IGBT module, is able to use the datasheet in a proper way and will be provided with background information. CHARACTERISTICS OF MOSFET AIM: To draw static characteristic of MOSFET and hence to determine the output resistance and Trans conductance.

BEFORE COME TO THIS LAB, YOU SHOULD Read the experiments. IGBT Switching Characteristics The IGBT – Insulated Gate Bipolar Junction Transistor is a newly developed power semiconductor device which is almost replace the role of MOSFET in high voltage power electronics circuits. Sine PWM pulses are used to gate the switches. Keep R1 slightly more than ¼ of the. Thus switches are ON when amplitude of corresponding reference sine wave is greater than amplitude of triangular carrier wave. Controlled HWR and FWR using RC Triggering circuit 4. When VV GE GET, IGBT is in off-state.

Switched mode power converter. of Practical Hrs/Week: 03 Exam Hours: 03 Total no. The maximum drain current is limit by the maximum gate-emitter voltage. SCR, BJT, MOSFET AND IGBT Characteristics. Voltmeter TCRO Tabular Column:- (B) VDC TONth = Tth = 2.

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